Canton Police Request Urgent Assistance in Locating a 15-Year-Old Missing Person

A petition for public assistance has been issued by the Canton Police Department in the ongoing search for Damani Braithwaite, a 15-year-old adolescent who has gone missing. Authorities have classified Braithwaite as a “missing runaway” due to concerns for his whereabouts since April 1, when he was last seen.

Due to the critical nature of the situation, Canton Police Department has resorted to social media by utilizing their Facebook page to distribute information and solicit community members’ assistance in locating Braithwaite. Individuals who may have relevant information regarding the case are strongly encouraged to contact Detective Michael Sweat directly at 770-720-4883 or [email protected], as requested by the department. Conversely, by dialing 911, individuals may reach emergency services.

The case, designated with the identification number 202401480, emphasizes the gravity with which law enforcement personnel are approaching the situation. The disappearance of Braithwaite has incited prompt response from authorities, who are conscientiously collecting any accessible information that may contribute to his safe return.

The enigmatic circumstances surrounding Braithwaite’s disappearance continue to generate apprehension regarding his welfare. When circumstances are such, time is critical and each passing second contributes towards locating the absent person and guaranteeing their safety.

The Canton community is exhorted to maintain vigilance and report any sightings or information that could potentially aid the investigation as the search effort gains momentum. In such situations, cooperation between law enforcement and the general public is critical, as it improves the probability of achieving a positive resolution and ensuring the safe return of the adolescent who has gone missing.

The abduction of a juvenile individual causes great concern among their close acquaintances and the broader society. The assistance and collaboration of the general populace are of immeasurable worth during this arduous period, providing those impacted by the ordeal optimism and a sense of unity.

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In their ongoing pursuit of Damani Braithwaite, the Canton Police Department maintains a steadfast dedication to thoroughly investigating all possibilities. In doing so, they extend their sincere appreciation to individuals who share information or offer assistance. By virtue of the combined endeavors of law enforcement and the community at large, a constructive resolution to this disconcerting circumstance is anticipated.

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