Business Owner Recounts Chaotic Scene During Brookhaven Shopping Center Shooting

The calm of a typical day at Brookhaven Shopping Center shattered as gunfire erupted, leaving shoppers and store owners scrambling for safety. Jason Miller, owner of a local bookstore, vividly recalled the terrifying moments when chaos unfolded.

“It was a busy afternoon. Customers were browsing, and everything seemed normal,” Miller described. “Suddenly, we heard these loud bangs—like firecrackers at first. But then, the panic set in. People started screaming and running in all directions.”

Miller’s initial reaction was one of disbelief, but the gravity of the situation became clear as he saw the fear etched on his customers’ faces. “I told everyone to get down and move to the back of the store. We had to find a safe place to hide.”

As he shepherded a few remaining customers into a storage room, the sounds of more gunshots echoed through the center. “You could hear the shots getting closer, then farther away. It was surreal,” he recounted. The usually bustling shopping center transformed into a scene of chaos, with overturned displays and abandoned shopping carts littering the walkways.

In those frantic minutes, Miller’s thoughts were on the safety of his customers and staff. “We stayed hidden until we were sure the police had arrived. It felt like an eternity,” he said. When the police finally cleared the area, Miller emerged to a scene of devastation and confusion. Emergency personnel were tending to the injured, and law enforcement was securing the scene.

Reflecting on the incident, Miller expressed gratitude for the quick response of the authorities but also shared a somber acknowledgment of the day’s impact. “It’s something you never expect to happen in your community. We’re all shaken, but we’ll support each other through this.”

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The Brookhaven shooting is a stark reminder of the unpredictability of such violent acts and the resilience of a community facing the aftermath.

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