Browneyes: A Cultural Ambassador Through Beyond Tipis

In the heart of Cherokee Nation, artist Toyah Browneyes is not just crafting beautiful works of art but also weaving a tapestry of cultural heritage and pride through her business, Beyond Tipis. With a diverse range of mediums at her disposal, Browneyes shares the richness of Cherokee culture with the world, one creation at a time.

From clay to beadwork, sewing to graphic design, Browneyes’ artistic journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for learning and innovation. Embracing new techniques and mediums, she continuously evolves as an artist, driven by a deep-seated desire to leave her mark on the world of art.

With Beyond Tipis, Browneyes not only showcases her artistry but also champions authenticity and integrity. Each handmade item is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that buyers receive genuine, one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with love and dedication.

One of Browneyes’ recent endeavors involved bringing authenticity to the Wilma Mankiller Barbie doll by recreating accurate Cherokee attire. Dissatisfied with the doll’s original clothing, Browneyes took it upon herself to design and create traditional Cherokee garments, garnering widespread attention and acclaim on social media.

Drawing on her expertise in various art forms, Browneyes meticulously crafted each outfit, paying homage to Cherokee heritage with intricate details and craftsmanship. Her dedication to accuracy and cultural representation resonated deeply with audiences, sparking a demand for her creations beyond expectations.

Despite the overwhelming response, Browneyes remains grounded in her mission to celebrate Cherokee culture and educate others about its richness and diversity. Through her art and advocacy, she challenges stereotypes and invites people to look beyond superficial representations of Native American culture.

Beyond Tipis is more than just a business for Browneyes—it’s a platform for cultural expression and empowerment. By infusing her creations with Cherokee symbolism and tradition, she invites others to explore the depth and complexity of Cherokee heritage, fostering understanding and appreciation in the process.

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As Browneyes continues to create and innovate, her art serves as a bridge between past and present, tradition and modernity. With each piece she produces, she invites us to journey beyond tipis, beyond stereotypes, and into the vibrant tapestry of Cherokee culture that lies beneath the surface. Through her vision and creativity, Browneyes is not just an artist but a cultural ambassador, sharing the stories and spirit of Cherokee Nation with the world.

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