‘Brazen ‘Picky Porch Pirate’ Targets Pricey Phones

Authorities in two metro counties are on the hunt for a bold thief dubbed the ‘Picky Porch Pirate’, who has been brazenly snatching packages containing high-end smartphones from the doorsteps and garages of unsuspecting homeowners.

This audacious thief has been caught on porch cameras, often disguised in a vest and carrying a Walmart bag, a cunning ruse that mimics a delivery person. Cherokee County Sheriff’s Capt. Jay Baker described how the thief strikes mere minutes after legitimate delivery workers drop off packages, swiftly making off with the valuable contents.

In less than a week, the ‘Picky Porch Pirate’ has struck at three different addresses, making off with a total of seven smartphones, with one unfortunate victim losing five phones in a single theft. Investigators suspect that the thief may have insider knowledge, possibly receiving information about the deliveries or even having a connection within the shipping companies.

Victims of these thefts express a mixture of frustration and discomfort, with one homeowner lamenting the thief’s audacity in brazenly stealing packages in broad daylight. Another recounted how the thief struck immediately after a FedEx delivery, demonstrating an alarming level of precision and timing.

Bartow County Sheriff’s investigators suspect the same individual is behind similar phone thefts in their jurisdiction, adding to the urgency of apprehending the culprit.

Authorities advise caution to those expecting cellphone deliveries, recommending alternative delivery options such as picking up the package from a local store and requiring a signature for delivery to prevent porch thefts.

The impact of these thefts extends beyond mere inconvenience, as Capt. Baker emphasizes the financial loss associated with high-value smartphones. With iPhones and Android phones fetching hefty price tags, the risk of losing a thousand-dollar device to porch piracy is a significant concern.

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As law enforcement agencies intensify their efforts to apprehend the ‘Picky Porch Pirate’, residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. The hunt for this audacious thief underscores the ongoing battle against porch piracy and the need for proactive measures to safeguard deliveries and protect homeowners from such brazen thefts.


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