Big Door Vineyards’ Expanded Offerings Are Approved by Cherokee County

Significant zoning condition updates for Big Door Vineyards, situated in the picturesque western region of Cherokee County, have been authorized with the intention of improving the visitor experience. On April 16, the amendments were unanimously approved by the Board of Commissioners, granting the winery permission to augment its operations to encompass the sale of craft beer and the operation of food carts on its expansive property of nearly 17 acres located at 125 Clearwater Trail near White.

A modification to the special use permit that was issued in 2020, the approval signifies an important milestone for the winery. At the outset, alcohol sales and consumption were exclusively restricted to the tasting room, while the operation of food carts and outdoor loudspeakers was rigorously prohibited. The revised terms and conditions demonstrate a transition towards greater adaptability, in response to the changing inclinations of tourists and the expansion of the regional tourism and hospitality industry.

Big Door Vineyards is now permitted to sell craft beer, albeit with specific limitations, and to serve alcoholic beverages not only in the tasting room but also on the event lawn, per the amended regulations. Furthermore, the amendments authorize the utilization of outdoor loudspeakers, provided that they remain within the parameters established by the noise ordinance of the county. Furthermore, they permit a maximum of four food trucks per week, with a restriction of two at any given time and on a three-day schedule.

After a public hearing during which differing opinions were expressed, a verdict was rendered. A postponement of a noise study was requested by an attorney representing a neighboring couple who expressed apprehensions regarding the permitted use of loudspeakers and the resulting potential commotion. On the contrary, some nearby inhabitants expressed unequivocal endorsement of the proposed changes, emphasizing the favorable rapport they maintain with Big Door Vineyards while disregarding apprehensions regarding noise disturbances.

Commissioner Benny Carter underscored the meticulous deliberation that went into formulating a noise ordinance that was both equitable and enforceable the year prior. This ordinance was constructed utilizing data collected from fifteen distinct locations. His assurance was that this ordinance would efficiently regulate decibel levels. In addition, the regulations governing the functioning of food trucks are designed to reduce disturbances by mandating the use of a direct power source, thereby circumventing the commotion produced by generators.

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It is anticipated that these renovations will augment the overall atmosphere of Big Door Vineyards, furnishing patrons with a more comprehensive experience that now encompasses an expanded selection of beverages and convenient availability of a wide array of culinary options. This decision exemplifies the county’s dedication to bolstering local enterprises and resolving community concerns, thereby ensuring that Big Door Vineyards continues to be a beloved destination that upholds the integrity of its scenic environment.

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