Betrayed Trust: A Caretaker Is Charged with Exploiting an Elderly Woman

A demoralizing violation of confidence occurred when a caretaker was apprehended on suspicion of taking advantage of a disabled elderly woman in her charge. Sharon Aline Young, a 30-year-old Jasper resident, is confronted with grave accusations encompassing larceny and abuse, thereby drawing attention to a distressing infringement upon the vulnerable.

Young was arrested on March 28 and was charged with several offenses, including one count of neglect to a disabled adult, elderly person, or resident of a long-term care facility, one count of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a disabled or elderly person, two counts of felony-level acquisition of controlled substances through fraudulent means, and one count of misdemeanor theft. The allegations against her pertain to a range of alleged activities, including the pilferage of bed linens, prescription medications (specifically Oxycodone and Xanax), jewelry, and a nominal sum of currency from an elderly woman who dwells on East Cherokee Drive.

Extraordinarily obtaining provisions worth a total of $138.16 with the elderly woman’s credit or debit card, Young is further accused of committing additional offenses. The purported activities occurred from April 13 to May 8, 2023, throughout her tenure at Comfort Keepers, a provider of attendant services.

Young was subsequently released on surety after being processed into the Cherokee County jail subsequent to her arrest. Discussions have been initiated regarding the security and protection of individuals in the home health services’ care.

Young’s employer, the Comfort Keepers franchise, articulated its commitment to delivering high-quality care while guaranteeing client safety and comfort. The proprietor of the Comfort Keepers franchise under consideration, Jennifer Jack-Wunder, placed significant emphasis on the organization’s utmost dedication to ensuring client safety. Caregivers are subjected to comprehensive background checks and verification procedures prior to employment, assuring them of their adherence to the organization’s elevated criteria. Notwithstanding these precautions, the Young incident calls into doubt the efficacy of such safeguards.

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This particular instance serves as a poignant illustration of the susceptibilities that the elderly, particularly those who depend on others for support and care, encounter. This highlights the criticality of conducting thorough screenings and ongoing surveillance of caregivers in order to safeguard against instances of exploitation and abuse. Amid the ongoing investigation, members of the community and families continue to place their trust in attendant services for their loved ones, hoping to obtain reassurance that their confidence is not misplaced.

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