Ball Ground Welcomes New Police Chief Jamie Gianfala Takes the Helm

A new period dawns in Ball Ground as Jamie Gianfala assumes the part of Chief of Police, succeeding the retiring Chief Bryon Reeves. With Chief Reeves bidding farewell after 19 times of service, Gianfala steps up to lead the Ball Ground Police Department with a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective.

Gianfala’s career spans over three decades in law enforcement, starting from his humble onsets at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office to his recent position as Chief Marshal. His fidelity to public safety and community engagement shines through his expansive experience and commitment.

Expressing gratefulness and enthusiasm for his new part, Gianfala recognizes the eventuality for growth within the vibrant community of Ball Ground. He sees the megacity’s rising elevation as a mecca attracting callers from Cherokee County and beyond, and he’s committed to fostering collaboration and invention within the police department.

Gianfala aims to make upon the department’s strengths while embracing new openings for advancement. He emphasizes the significance of working alongside a unified megacity council, all seeking towards common pretensions for the community’s weal.

With six sworn officers, including the chief, the Ball Ground Police Department eagerly welcomes Gianfala’s leadership. His varied experience, from invariant command to specialized units like Narcotics Squad and Crimes Against Children, positions him as a able leader ready to attack evolving challenges.

Mayor Rick Roberts expresses confidence in Gianfala’s appointment, citing his proven track record and fidelity to law enforcement. Roberts highlights the department’s ongoing pursuit of State Certification, affirming Gianfala’s part in advancing this vital action.

As Gianfala takes on his new liabilities, he looks forward to uniting with the devoted officers of the Ball Ground Police Department and engaging with the community to address its evolving requirements. His term promises translucency, responsibility, and service excellence, icing the safety and well- being of all residers.

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With Jamie Gianfala at the helm, Ball Ground enters a new period characterized by invention, collaboration, and a loyal commitment to community- acquainted policing. residers can rest assured knowing their safety remains a top precedence under Gianfala’s leadership.

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