As the Deputy Superintendent of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, Dr. Letunya Walker assumes command

D. Letunya Walker has been appointed Deputy Superintendent of the DJJ school system, marking a significant development for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Owing to his extensive professional background in education spanning several decades and his profound dedication to fostering student agency, Dr. Walker’s leadership is poised to introduce constructive transformations within the department.

Commissioner Shawanda Reynolds-Cobb conveyed her trust in Dr. Walker’s leadership prowess, emphasizing her broad educational experience and unwavering commitment to cultivating a spirit of continuous learning in her pupils. In his capacity as Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Walker is dedicated to guaranteeing that each student in the DJJ system is provided with an education that adequately prepares them for college and future professional endeavors.

Approximately twenty years ago, Dr. Walker commenced her affiliation with the DJJ in the capacity of an instructor at the Milledgeville Youth Development Campus. She has risen through the ranks of leadership positions, culminating in her current position as assistant deputy superintendent. With an impressive 33 years of experience in education, she has held various positions including principal, director of instructional programs at the DJJ, and teacher.

As the Deputy Superintendent of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, Dr. Letunya Walker assumes command

Before joining the DJJ, Dr. Walker devoted thirteen years to the Baldwin County School District in Milledgeville, Georgia, holding the positions of assistant principal and teacher. Her extensive background encompassing both teaching in classrooms and holding administrative leadership roles has endowed her with priceless acumen regarding the complexities and potentialities inherent in the realm of education.

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Dr. Walker will collaborate closely with Commissioner Reynolds-Cobb in her new position to oversee the DJJ education system with an emphasis on academic excellence, student welfare, and the overall success of the youth under their supervision. Dr. Walker, who has an extensive history of effective leadership and a deep commitment to education, is positioned to significantly influence juvenile offenders in Georgia by providing them with guidance that will lead to a more promising future. As she proceeds with her duties, Dr. Walker exemplifies the department’s dedication to cultivating the capabilities of each pupil and promoting constructive transformation within the juvenile justice system.

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