Anticipation Builds as New Bridge Over GA 400 Nears Completion in North Fulton County

In a development eagerly awaited by commuters and residents alike, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) announced plans to open a new bridge along Kimball Bridge Road, spanning across GA 400 in Alpharetta, on Wednesday. This milestone marks the culmination of extensive construction efforts aimed at enhancing infrastructure and improving connectivity in North Fulton County.

The anticipation surrounding the opening of the new bridge is palpable, especially considering its closure since May 2023. The closure, while necessary for construction purposes, has undoubtedly posed challenges for commuters navigating the area. However, with the impending reopening, relief is on the horizon as the community eagerly awaits the restoration of vital transportation routes.

Describing the features of the new bridge, GDOT highlighted several enhancements designed to improve functionality and safety for motorists and pedestrians alike. The bridge boasts a raised profile, providing improved visibility and enhanced aesthetics. Additionally, a multi-use path and sidewalk have been incorporated, catering to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists seeking safe passage across the busy thoroughfare. Furthermore, the addition of two extra lanes, along with a raised median, aims to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance traffic flow, addressing the evolving needs of the growing community.

While the opening of the bridge signifies a major milestone in the construction project, GDOT emphasized that final touches and ongoing construction activities are still underway. Roadway striping and the placement of decorative fencing and pavers are among the tasks slated for completion in the coming weeks. Additionally, general cleanup efforts will ensure that the area surrounding the bridge is pristine and ready for public use.

Beyond the Kimball Bridge Road project, GDOT highlighted ongoing construction efforts along nearby bridges at Roberts Drive and Pitts Road in Sandy Springs. These projects, integral components of the phased delivery of the planned SR 400 Express Lanes, are progressing steadily and are expected to be finalized later this year. The replacement of these bridges with taller, wider structures featuring multi-use paths and sidewalks underscores GDOT’s commitment to modernizing infrastructure and accommodating diverse modes of transportation.

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As the region anticipates the completion of these critical infrastructure projects, excitement and optimism abound for the tangible improvements they promise to deliver. Enhanced connectivity, improved safety, and reduced congestion are among the benefits that residents and commuters eagerly await. The collaborative efforts of GDOT, local authorities, and the community reflect a shared commitment to fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in North Fulton County, setting the stage for a brighter and more efficient transportation network for generations to come.

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