ACCGov Animal Services has identified parvovirus; temporary restrictions are in effect until April 8

The recent discovery of parvovirus has prompted temporary restrictions and greater vigilance at ACCGov Animal Services. This highly contagious virus must be contained immediately to protect shelter animals.

Following the discovery of parvovirus, ACCGov Animal Services has taken several precautions to protect their animals. In affected areas, strict quarantine and cleaning and disinfection processes are applied. Certain services and activities are restricted temporarily.

Amid this period of increased vigilance, the shelter is collaborating closely with veterinary experts to closely monitor the situation and administer suitable medical attention to any animals exhibiting indications of illness. Furthermore, personnel are conscientiously implementing biosecurity protocols in order to avert the spread of the virus to areas of the facility that have not been compromised.

The ACCGov Animal Services-imposed temporary restrictions are expected to persist until April 8, providing an ample duration for comprehensive sanitation, surveillance, and assessment of the circumstances. Amid this period, the shelter remains steadfast in its dedication to upholding the utmost levels of care for the animals under its custody, placing the well-being and security of both the animals and the staff as paramount concerns.

Animal Services of ACCGov urges pet owners to maintain a state of constant vigilance and adopt proactive measures to safeguard their animals against parvovirus in light of this development. This encompasses the following: maintaining current vaccinations for their canines, adhering to proper hygiene and sanitation protocols, and refraining from any form of contact with animals that may be infected.

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Through the prompt and proactive resolution of the parvovirus situation, ACCGov Animal Services exhibits its dedication to ensuring the well-being and health of the animals under its supervision. By maintaining a close partnership with veterinary experts and adhering to rigorous biosecurity protocols, the shelter is actively striving to confine the virus and impede its additional dissemination throughout the establishment.

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