AroundAbout Local Media, Inc. (ALM) began in 1996 in Woodstock, Georgia.  ALM publications are hyper-local, direct-mailed monthly magazines, each with a mission of “building a stronger community.”

ALM is proud to have three North Metro Atlanta titles serving the communities of Towne Lake, Sixes, and Woodstock.  Each title is committed to building a stronger community through its hyper-local and relevant content while helping its customers grow their businesses.  In tandem with each magazine is a dynamic web presence, creating a true, dual-medium product, for both readers and advertisers alike.  The web presence is truly innovative in that it engages and encourages interaction and participation with readers and advertisers while also providing real-time information that complements the print product.

The founders and associates of ALM are heavily involved in their communities – a key component to the success of the ALM concept.